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Portable cut off saws are versatile, compact and ergonomic machines, easy to handle and suitable for withstanding maximum levels of stress in different areas of use. They can be used for a variety of applications: cutting steel, iron pipes, building works for cutting materials or tiled walls, concrete, reinforced concrete, granite flooring. They are also used at a wide-scale level for road-works, excavation and asphalt cutting for road
maintenance. They are also used by the Civil Defence service and emergency rescue teams throughout the world.


  • High performance, hard wearing and efficient
  • The special ergonomic design makes the machine lightweight, well balanced and reduces vibration
  • Frame, cutting arm and casing all made from aluminium and magnesium alloy
  • High levels of efficiency are guaranteed by a three-phase air filter system
  • Maximum torque is guaranteed by the POLY-V drive belt
  • Reliable and easy startup of the decompression system
  • Possibility to assemble diamond blades with 300 and 350 diameters and shaft of from 20 to 25.4 mm
  • Maximum torque transmitted by the non-slip flange
  • Respect of the environment: the combustion vapours are burned and not emitted into the environment
  • The avant-garde design of the exhaust reduces noise and emissions
  • The practical handgrip allows the operator to use protective gloves
  • The front wheels means less effort is required by the operator
  • The blade protection guard is easy to adjust
  • Easy fuel top-up
  • Sealed clutch
  • The decrease in friction is guaranteed by the PCVD coating on the piston
  • Protection against piston overheating with a ceramic coating


Motor displacement: 61,5 cm3
Idle speed:
2600 rpm
Peripheral speed:
90 m/s
3,5 kw
Tank capacity:
0,7 l
Weight (without fuel and blade):
9,8 kg
Blade diameter:
350 mm
Hole diameter:
20-25,4 mm